The cable infrastructure is the foundation on which all other technologies will run.

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A range of services

We are proficient in the design, engineering, installation, management and maintenance of all grades of cable, including Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6a.

With many years of experience in a variety of different environments, Precise can design for you a Category 6 network; can flood wire your school; or add a single point to your office: providing a cost effective, high capacity/bandwidth branded system to you.  The design and installation of the structured cabling systems are offered with 25 year manufacturers’ warranties.

Testing and certification

Testing and certification services of Category 6a, Cat 6 and Cat5e networks are available to customers who have installed their own solution. Using state of the art network scanners our engineers can provide accurate and fast results, to ensure that your network is performing as it should.


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