It’s easy to neglect your cabinet; over time the adding in of, or the switching around of patchleads will lead to a data cabinet that becomes congested, unreliable and difficult to manage. The team at Precise are able to offer a solution that will restore your cabinet to a tidy and organised condition.

Data cabinets tidy before and after

Bad or neglected cable management is not only potentially dangerous, but it can make troubleshooting difficult, and may lead to failures if the cables become bent or crimped.

By removing any damaged or incorrectly sized cables from the cabinet, our engineers are then able to correctly connect services with suitable patch leads to create a cost effective and tidy working environment.

Usually working out of hours to ensure the minimum of disruption to your work place, the end result will be a neat network cabinet with your organisation’s devices connected via cabling which has been set out using best practise standards to maintain optimum network performance and productivity.

The result: a well-maintained network cabinet providing enhanced performance.

If your cabinet is struggling to cope with recent growth spurts, we can help by suggesting ways of freeing up space or if need be, swapping your cabinet for one with a bigger capacity.

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