Working at the head office of ADS – a progressive, 21st Century Addiction Charity operating throughout the North and Midlands – required our engineers to execute a sensitive approach to their working environment.

Precise has worked and continues to work at the head office of this Manchester-based alcohol and drugs charity, installing interactive display screens, upgrading the network cabling, EICR certification works and carrying out general electrical maintenance work .

The nature of the client base required our  engineers to be very aware of the vulnerable adults who were present within and around the charity buildings. A condition of employment at the charity is to ensure that all staff have completed enhanced security checks and DBS clearance giving the charity the assurances it needs.

I can thoroughly recommend Precise to prospective employers .. I have worked with them for years .. indeed I brought them with me here to ADS such is the confidence I have in the quality and care Precise put into their work.

Bob Leigh - Facilities Manager ADS


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